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46th Meeting of the Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides

Barcelona, Spain, 2017-11-28/30

The Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides met in Barcelona (Spain) on 2017-11-28/30, at the kind invitation of the Department for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Catalonia. Thanks are due to the host for the warm hospitality and excellent organisation of the meeting.


Dose expression in high growing crops

At the start of the Panel meeting, a special session was organized as a follow up of the Workshop on harmonized dose expression for the zonal evaluation of plant protection products (PPP) in high growing crops. Special thanks are due to the speakers who are listed below with links to the PowerPoint presentations:

After the session on dose expression in high growing crops, the Panel continued its main task of developing Standards for conducting field trials to evaluate the efficacy of fungicides and insecticides.


New Standards

The following new Standards were discussed and considered ready to be sent for country consultation:

  • Green leafhoppers on peach
  • Leaf and planthoppers on grapevine
  • Whiteflies on citrus
  • Aleyrodes proletella on brassica
  • Stenocarus ruficornis poppy root weevil
  • Neoglocianus maculaalba and Dasineura papaveris on poppy

The Panel worked on a new Standard on Halyomorpha halys on tree fruit crops. Mr Preti (ASTRA, Italy) participated in the discussion and gave a presentation explaining the biology of this pest and reporting on the Italian experience on efficacy trials.


A number of other draft Standards were discussed, and it was agreed that further expert input is needed before finalization on:

  • Efficacy evaluation of products for the control of grapevine trunk diseases in vineyards
  • Aculops lycopersici on tomato
  • Two Standards on root knot nematodes covering the two situations: outdoors and protected conditions.

Revision of Standards

The Panel discussed the revision of Standard PP 1/282 Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae, P. syringae and P. viridiflava on kiwifruit and with the modifications agreed the revised Standard was considered ready to be sent for country consultation.

Two Standards on mating disruption techniques in grapes, pome and stone fruit: under field conditions and under semi-field conditions were also discussed. They are proposed to replace EPPO Standard PP 1/264 Mating disruption pheromones. It was agreed that further expert input is needed and will be discussed again at the next Panel meeting.

The Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides will next meet in Paris (EPPO Headquarters) on 2018-11-20/22.



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