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Working Party PPPs in Malmö

46th Meeting of the Working Party on Plant Protection Products

Malmö, Sweden, 2016-05-24/26


The 46th Meeting of the Working Party on Plant Protection Products took place in Malmö, Sweden, on 2016-05-24/26 (download the list of participants ). Many thanks are due to the Swedish Board of Agriculture for organizing the meeting and the warm hospitability. There were 18 participants from 12 EPPO countries and as observers a member of ECPA and the coordinator of the European Union Minor Uses Coordination Facility. This EPPO Working Party directs and supervises the technical work of the EPPO Panels concerned with the efficacy evaluation and registration of plant protection products. The major points from the meeting are summarized below.

Technical visit to a typical farm of the Scania region producing fresh vegetables,
herbs and small fruits - view more pictures >


EPPO Standards for approval

The Working Party on Plant Protection Products approved three new EPPO Specific Standards in series PP1 Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products and revised one of them. The Working Party also approved two new EPPO General Standards in the series PP1. These Standards will be submitted to the Executive Committee and Council of EPPO in September 2016 for final approval and subsequent publication:

New Specific Standards

  • Helicoverpa armigera on vegetables and ornamentals
  • Ceutorhynchus picitarsis on oilseed rape
  • Nasonovia ribisnigri and other aphids on lettuce

Revised Specific Standard

  • Foliar diseases on maize (revision PP 1/272)

New General Standards

  • Cleaning of pesticide application equipment – efficacy aspects
  • Evaluation of the influence of tank mix adjuvants on the efficacy of PPP


Minor uses

The Working Party considered extrapolation tables for minor uses which are being developed to accompany EPPO Standard PP 1/257 Efficacy and crop safety extrapolations for minor uses. The following new extrapolation tables have been approved and are posted on the EPPO website:

  • Specific extrapolation tables for Fungicides effectiveness: Diseases on Chenopodiaceous Vegetables, Citrus Fruit, Miscellaneous Fruit (Edible Peel), Miscellaneous Fruit (Inedible Peel, Small), Miscellaneous Fruit (Inedible Peel, Large), Diseases on Tropical Roots and Tuber Vegetables;
  • Specific extrapolation tables for Insecticides effectiveness: Pests on Rhubarb and Asparagus, Citrus Fruit, Miscellaneous Fruit (Edible Peel), Miscellaneous Fruit (Inedible Peel, Small), Miscellaneous Fruit (Inedible Peel, Large), Palm Trees;
  • Specific extrapolation tables for Herbicides Effectiveness and crop safety: Weeds in Beta Crops;
  • Generic tables for Fungicides effectiveness: Damping Off, Soil and Air Borne Fungal Diseases, Seed borne diseases;
  • Generic tables for Insecticides and Nematicides effectiveness: Thrips, Whiteflies, Nematodes, Soil Insects, Spider mites.

Mr Meeussen, coordinator of the European Union Minor Uses Coordination Facility (MUCF), presented the role and tasks of the Facility which became operational on 2015-09-01 and is hosted by the EPPO Secretariat. More information on the MUCF can be found at and in the presentation made by Mr Meeussen.

Programme of activity

The Working Party also discussed future activities and priorities which will be submitted to the EPPO Council in September 2016 for consideration. In addition to proposals for new Standards or revision of existing ones, future activities include the continuation of the development of the EPPO Codes to describe uses of plant protection products and the publication of the results of the survey on dose expression for seed treatment (and authorized dose in general) which is planned for the December issue of the Bulletin OEPP/EPPO Bulletin. The Working Party also explored options and possibilities for the implementation of a database on resistance cases.

The next Working Party on Plant Protection Products is due to convene in Berlin on 2017-05-10/12.


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