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18th meeting of the Panel on certification of fruit crops

Prague, 2007-06-04/06


The Panel met at the Crop Research Institute in Prague. Its main task is to develop certification schemes for the production of healthy planting material of fruit crops. During this meeting, the Panel finalized the following 3 certification schemes which will be presented to the Working Party on phytosanitary regulations and Council for final approval:
  • Sambucus (new)
  • Populus and Salix (new)
  • Ribes (revised)

The certification schemes for grapevine and strawberry were revised by the Panel and they will be sent for comment to all EPPO member countries. The following standards: certification scheme for Vaccinium, certification scheme for Rubus, soil test for virus-vector nematodes in fruit crops, guidelines on Prunus seed testing could not be finalized. Consequently, it was proposed to organize an additional meeting of the Panel in December (2007-12-11/12) at the EPPO headquarters in Paris.

The Panel was also informed of the latest developments concerning the revision of the EU Council Directive 92/34 on the marketing of fruit plant propagating material and fruit plants intended for fruit production. Although revision has not yet been completed, it is planned that the new Directive will not contain technical details about certification but will make a reference to internationally agreed schemes (such as the EPPO certification schemes).

Warm thanks are due to Petr Kominek and his colleagues for the fine organization of the meeting and the very pleasant visit to the old city of Prague.


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Marina Barba (Mrs)
C. R. A., Instituto Sperimentale per la Patologia Agraria, Via C. G.Bertero 22, 00156 ROMA (IT) - 39/0682070244 - 39/682070243 -

Françoise Dosba (Mrs)
ENSA.M-INRA, UMR DAP, 2 place Viala, 34060 MONTPELLIER CEDEX 1 (FR) - 33/499612781 - 33/499612616 -

Petr Kominek (Mr)
Crop Research Institute (CRI), Division of Plant Medicine, Drnovska 507, 16106 PRAHA 6 (CZ) - 420/233022442 - 420/233311592 –

Wilhelm Jelkmann (Mr)
Federal Biological Research Centre for Agricultural and Forestry (BBA), Institute for Plant Protection and Fruit Crops, Schwabenheimer Str. 101, D-69221 DOSSENHEIM - 49/62218680520 – 4962218680515 –

Gerard Jongedijk (Mr)
Naktuinbouw, Caro van Eyckstraat 17, 6708 NH WAGENINGEN (NL) - 31/773985919 - 31/773983433 -

Klara Nyerges (Mrs)
Hungarian Agricultural Office Plant Protection and Soil Conservation Bureau of County Fejér, Orszag ut 23, 2481 VELENCE (HU) - 36/22589240 - 36/22589211 -

Peter Reed (Mr)
Central Science Labotory, Sand Hutton, Y04 1LZ YORK (UK) - 44/1904462231 - 44/1904462250 -

Mojca Virscek Marn (Mrs)
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Hacquetova 17, 1001 LJUBLJANA (SI) - 386/12805253 - 386/12805255 -

Nico van Opstal (Mr)
Anne-Sophie Roy (Mrs)
OEPP/EPPO, 1 rue Le Nôtre, 75016 PARIS (FR) - 33/1 45 20 77 94 - 33/1 42 24 89 43 -

Bruno Foletto (Mr)
Commission Européenne, B 232, Rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 BRUXELLES (BE) - 32/22950515 - 32/22969399 -

Gabriela Cervena (Mrs)
State Phytosanitary Administration, Division of Diagnostics, Slechtitelu 23/773, 779 00 OLOMOUC (CZ) - 420/585570139 - 420/585227790 -

Michal Hnizdil (Mr)
State Phytosanitary Administration, Division of Protection Against Harmful organisms, Drnovska 507, 16106 PRAHA 6 (CZ) - 420/233022375 - 420/233022226 -

Josef Plachy (Mr)
Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Department of Perennial Crops, Division of Inspection and Orchad Register, Za Opravnou 4, 15606 PRAHA 5 (CZ) - 420/257294249 - 420/543548323-

Zuzana Slavikova (Mrs)
State Phytosanitary Administration, Division of Protection Against Harmful organisms, Drnovska 507, 16106 PRAHA 6 (CZ) - 420/233022375 - 420/233022226 -


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