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How to install PQR 5


To ensure a correct installation, any previous versions of PQR (prior to 2011) should be uninstalled before installing version 5 Follow the instructions given below to install PQR onto your computer hard disk. PQR 5 runs under Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Seven). Normally, the installation of PQR should be very easy but if you have difficulties contact the EPPO Secretariat:




1) Click here:

Please leave us your e-mail, so that the EPPO Secretariat is aware of who PQR users are, in order to better answer their needs. Your e-mail address will not be communicated to any other third parties.

Thank you!


2) Choose the type of installation that best fits your IT environment:

  • Installer (you need administration rights, download and follow the installation wizard)
  • Zip package (you do NOT need administration rights, download, unzip the file, and run pqr.exe)


If you have chosen INSTALLER (administration rights are necessary)

Follow the installation Wizard

Click 'Next'

Choose the destination folder of PQR - you are recommended to use the folder that is automatically suggested by the Wizard. Click Install to start the installation.

Click the 'Finish' button - this will launch PQR and add a shortcut on your computer desktop


If you have chosen Zip package (administration rights are NOT necessary)

Download the file (, unzip and run pqr.exe ...

... this will launch PQR and add a shortcut on your computer desktop




Automatic updates are set by default within PQR. This means that whenever an update of the database has been made (software or data), a text box offering an automatic update will appear when launching PQR.

If you want to upgrade PQR, click on the left-hand side button to download the new update. If not, this can be done later (click on 'remind me later'). Before beginning the installation, you will have to close the PQR window (which has automatically opened behind the currently active window).


The automatic update function can be disabled if you wish (but not recommended). Click on the Settings button (top bar of PQR) and in the options panel untick the box 'Automatic update', finally save and close.