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EPPO Pest Reporting System

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The EPPO Pest Reporting System was launched in July 2013 and is intended to be used only by the National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of the EPPO member countries. The aim of the EPPO Pest Reporting System is to facilitate the preparation and storage of official pest reports within each NPPO, as well as data sharing with the EPPO Secretariat.


Pest reporting
Homepage of the EPPO Pest Reporting System


This web-based system has been developed following the format of the EPPO Standard PM 1/5(1) Format for pest reports which was adopted by Council in September 2011. This new system was first tested by a small group of volunteers whose valuable contribution has to be acknowledged here, and it was very well received at the EPPO Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations (Sarajevo, 2013-06-17/20) and Council (Moscow, 2013-09-17/18).

administrationRestricted access
The EPPO Pest Reporting System is a secured website, NPPOs can view their own pest reports only, and access is restricted to authorized persons. In order to use the EPPO Pest Reporting System, an administrator has to be officially nominated by the NPPO.

Flexible administration and collaborative work
The administrator will receive from the EPPO Secretariat the necessary login and password to access the system. He/she will then create different types of users with different levels of rights to fit the needs of national chains of command and allow collaborative work.

Quick and simple data entry
Data entry is quick and simple, as a pest report is prepared by filling-in a series of 6 screens: Pest identity, Host plants, Location, Summary, Reference files, Pest status. In order to facilitate data entry for plant and pest names, the system automatically suggests names (and computer codes) that are included in the EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus.

All necessary instructions are included in the EPPO Pest Reporting System or can be downloaded here: