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EPPO database on Diagnostic Expertise

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Scope of the database

The EPPO database on Diagnostic Expertise provides an inventory of the diagnostic expertise available in the EPPO region. Its aim is to cover the expertise on regulated pests (i.e. pests of EPPO A1 and A2 Lists, pests mentioned in EPPO Standards PM4: Production of Healthy Plants for Planting), pests possibly presenting a risk to EPPO member countries (EPPO Alert List) and plants of the EPPO List of invasive alien plants. This database does not include common pests which are widely distributed in the EPPO region. The EPPO Secretariat is maintaining the database but please note that all information included in the database is based on individual expert's own declarations of their expertise.

What's New

A new section 'validation data for diagnostic tests' was added in December 2012 to include validation data generated by various official laboratories in the EPPO region.


History of the EPPO database on diagnostic expertise

diagnosticAt the EPPO Conference on Diagnostics held in April 2004 in Noordwijkerhout (NL), it was stressed that the decrease of knowledge in plant protection which was currently observed could seriously jeopardize the implementation of European phytosanitary regulations with respect to regulated pests. In particular, the importance of maintaining the diagnostic expertise in Europe was underlined. The EPPO Council in September 2004 agreed on the text of an emergency declaration on: 
‘Plant Health Endangered’
The Panel on Diagnostics then considered that it was necessary to identify practical actions which could be undertaken by EPPO to improve collaboration on diagnostics in Europe and to provide good scientific support for the diagnostic work of National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs). It was suggested that the EPPO Secretariat should send a questionnaire to its member countries, to make an inventory of the available expertise on diagnostics in Europe (laboratories performing diagnostics, training capacities, individual experts, pests diagnosed, and methods used). It was agreed that emphasis should be given to regulated pests and not to 'common pests' which are widely distributed in Europe. In May and June 2006, a questionnaire was launched on the EPPO website. All NPPOs of EPPO member countries were invited to participate in this survey and to provide data on their diagnostic laboratories and experts.
Results received were transferred into a searchable database which now provides an inventory of the diagnostic expertise available in the EPPO region. The EPPO Secretariat regularly updates the database and all NPPOs of EPPO member countries are encouraged to provide further information about their diagnostic capacity.


How to add new laboratories and/or expertise in the database?

diagnosticThe use of the EPPO database on diagnostic expertise is free but new or revised data on laboratories/experts can only be entered by authorized persons (login and passwords are required).

To obtain a login and password:

  1. Check that your institute is not already registered in the database (if that is the case, the contact person of your institute will be able to provide you with the necessary passwords).
  2. If your laboratory is not yet registered in the database, please contact us.



If you need more explanations about data entry, please contact the EPPO Secretariat