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EPPO databases

EPPO Databases


The following databases are maintained by the EPPO Secretariat and can be consulted or downloaded from this website.


EPPO Global Database & EPPO codes - A NEW DATABASE!


EPPO Global Database is web-based database which has the objective to gather all pest-specific information that has been produced by EPPO. Although, some parts of the database are still under development (PRA documents and datasheets), it currently contains scientific and common names for plants and pests, as well as their associated computer codes (EPPO codes); the whole content and the majority of the functionalities of PQR; a large part of the EPPO datasheets; EPPO Standards (except PP1 Standards see below); EPPO Reporting Service articles, and more than 3000 pictures of pests.

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EPPO Standards on Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products

The whole series of EPPO Standards PP1 Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products is now included in a web-based database (and no longer published as paper brochures). All general standards can be accessed free of charge. Access to specific standards is provided for an annual fee (susbcriptions can be made online via the database). A new interface was released in July 2012!

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PQR - EPPO database on quarantine pests (free downloads) - NEW UPDATE  

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PQR (Plant Quarantine data Retrieval system) provides detailed information on the geographical distribution and host plants of quarantine pests. Its search tools also allow the users to identify commodities which are able to act as pathways in international trade for the movement of pests and diseases. In recent years, the database has been extended to cover invasive alien plants. The new PQR version also includes world maps, pictures and active links to the EPPO Reporting Service. PQR can be downloaded free of charge from this web site.

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EPPO database on Diagnostic expertise - NEW DATA

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EPPO member countries can now consult the new online database on diagnostic expertise which was launched in February 2007. Experts from more than 100 diagnostic laboratories of the EPPO region have provided details about the pests they can diagnose and the methods they use. EPPO member countries are encouraged to continue to provide data on their laboratories and expertise.

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CAPRA (Computer Assisted Pest Risk Analysis)

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CAPRA (Computer Assisted Pest Risk Analysis) is a computer software which has been developed by the EPPO Secretariat in the framework of the European Union 7th framework program project PRATIQUE (Grant agreement No 212 459) and with the support of the EPPO Panels. This software aims to assist pest risk analysts in running the EPPO decision-support scheme for Pest Risk Analysis (EPPO Standard PM 5/3 Decision-support scheme for quarantine pests), and other decision-support schemes.


EPPO Pest Reporting System (restricted access) - NEW

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The EPPO Pest Reporting System was launched in July 2013 and is intended to be used only by the National Plant Protection Organizations (NPPOs) of the EPPO member countries. The aim of the EPPO Pest Reporting System is to facilitate the preparation and storage of official pest reports within each NPPO, as well as data sharing with the EPPO Secretariat.

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EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus (now replaced by EPPO Global Database)

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The EPPO Plant Protection Thesaurus (EPPT - was a database which provided preferred scientific names, synonyms, common names, EPPO codes, and taxonomic relationships of organisms important in agriculture and crop protection. As its whole contents and functionalities have been transferred into EPPO Global Database, EPPT is no longer maintained.