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EPPO Working Parties and Panels


The technical activities of EPPO are directed by two Working Parties: on Phytosanitary Regulations (broadly plant quarantine) and on Plant Protection Products. Each Working Party meets once a year (in June and May respectively). Meetings are held in member countries throughout the EPPO region. The Working Parties draw up their programmes subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and Council. They assign specific tasks to Panels of experts. These Panels are composed of specialists from member countries, nominated as individuals by their respective NPPOs, and they prepare detailed draft standards which will be recommended (after formal approval by Council) to all member countries. Every year, 20-25 Panel meetings are held in Paris or in scientific centres throughout the region. Panels generally meet once a year, but according to the priorities and work programme of the Organization, more meetings may be required or certain Panels may meet at longer intervals. The technical work of the Organization depends on the active and continued participation of experts from member countries in the Working Party and Panel meetings.

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Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations (Irkutsk, RU, 2001-06-25-28)


Panels directed by the Working Party on Phytosanitary Regulations (and their members)


Panels directed by the Working Party on Plant Protection Products (and their members)


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