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Membership of EPPO Panels

(document no. 99/7261)

Membership of, and withdrawal from, EPPO Panels are subject to EPPO procedures which periodically need to be restated :

1) membership is decided by the Executive Committee (or by the Working Party concerned in the case of an ad hoc Panel). Nevertheless, membership is subject to the agreement of the NPPO of the country concerned ;

2) suitable expertise is the main criterion for membership but the balance of members from different countries in the EPPO region is also considered ;

3) nominations for Panel membership may be made by anyone (NPPOs, the Panel itself, Working Party, Secretariat …) ;

4) members mostly come from NPPOs but there is no limitation on the institutions for which they work. Members may, for example, come from research institutions, universities, industry, or even non-EPPO countries ;

5) the travel expenses of Panel members are not paid by EPPO, nor is it EPPO’s concern how they are paid (by the NPPO, by the administration of the member …) ;

6) members serve as individuals, and EPPO expects the member (not another person) to attend. NPPOs, or other bodies, should not normally send other persons to replace Panel members (but this can be arranged on specific occasions, where appropriate) ;

7) Panel meetings are not open to observers (but exceptions can be made on specific occasions where appropriate) ;

8) Panel members are as far as possible expected to attend all meetings ;

9) Panel members may withdraw at any time by simply informing the Secretariat (or the NPPO concerned may at any time withdraw its agreement) ;

10) Panel members are deemed to have withdrawn if they are absent from two consecutive meetings, or if it is clear that they have retired or fundamentally changed their employment ;

11) the withdrawal of a Panel member does not automatically open the place for a replacement. In particular, an NPPO should not simply designate another person. Every new member should be duly proposed and approved;

12) Members who have withdrawn are no longer notified of meetings, nor receive documents.


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