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EPPO Panel on Diagnostics in Nematology

(composition approved by the Executive Committee in September 2016)


Terms of Reference of this Panel

ANTHOINE Géraldine (Ms) Laboratoire National de la Protection  des Végétaux, Le Rheu (FR)
BACIC Jasmina (Ms) Institut Tamis, Pancevo (RS)
BOZSO Miklos Tibor (Mr) Plant Health and Molecular Biology National Reference Laboratory, Budapest (HU)
CURTO Giovanna (Ms) Servizio fitosanitario regionale, Bologna (IT)
DEN NIJS Loes (Ms) National Reference Centre (NRC), Division Nematology, Plant Protection Service, Wageningen (NL)
EVLICE Emre (Ms) Ankara Plant Protection Central Research Institute, Yenimahalle-Ankara (TR)
GAAR Vladimir (Mr) Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Diagnostic Laboratory, Prague (CZ)
GABL Ines (Ms) AGES, Institute for Sustainable Plant Production, Vienna (AT)
GIDRON Liat (Ms) Plant Protection and Inspection Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Bet Dagan (IL)
HALKJAER OLESEN Merete (Ms) Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Division of Plant Diagnostics, Ringsted (DK)
HALLMANN Johannes (Mr) JKI, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics, Münster (DE)
INACIO Maria de Lurdes (Ms) National Institute for Agricultural and Veterinary Research (IVIA, I.P.), Oeiras (PT)
KARNKOWSKI Witold (Mr) State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service, Main Inspectorate, Central Laboratory, Torun (PL)
KIEWNICK Sebastian (Mr) Agroscope Changins-Wädenswill, Research Station, Wadenswill (CH)
MAGNUSSON Christer (Mr) Norwegian Crop Research Institute, Aas (NO)
PRIOR Tom J. (Mr) The Food and Environment Research Agency, York (GB)
PYLYPENKO Liliya. A. (Ms) Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Kiev (UA)
SIRCA Sasa (Mr) Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana (SI)
SMAHA Djamel (Mr) Laboratoire de Nématologie, INPV, El Harrach (DZ)
VIAENE Nicole (Ms) Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Merelbeke (BE)


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