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EPPO Panel on Diagnostics and Quality Assurance

(composition approved by the Executive Committee in September 2016)


Terms of Reference of this Panel

ANTHOINE Géraldine (Ms) Laboratoire de la santé des végétaux, Angers (FR)
BAGINSKA Hanna (Ms) State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service, Main Inspectorate, Central Laboratory, Torun (PL)
BECHEVA Ani (Ms) Central Laboratory for Plant Quarantine, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, Sofia (BG)
BOKUMA Gunita (Ms) State Plant Protection Service, Riga (LV)
CHOISEUL James (Mr) Plant Health Laboratory, Seed Certification Division, Co. Kildare (IE)
DE ANDRADE Eugenia (Ms) Instituto Nacional de Investigaçao Agraria e Veterinaria (INIAV), Oeiras (PT)
HELMS Anne Christine (Ms) Danish AgriFish Agency, Center for Seeds, Kobenhavn (DK)
ILARDI Vincenza (Ms) CREA - Centro di Ricerca per la Patologia Vegetale, Roma (IT)
INGELBRECHT Sven (Mr) Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Merelbeke (BE)
JANKUVIENE Lina (Ms) State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, Phytosanitary Research Laboratory (Division), Vilnius (LT)
LAALA Samia (Ms) Centre National de Contrôle et de Certification des Semences et Plants, Alger (DZ)
MÜLLER Petra (Ms) JKI, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for National and Internatinal Plant Health, Kleinmachnow (DE)
ONDEJKOVA Nadezda (Ms) ÚKSÚP, Bratislava (SK).
OROSZ Szilvia (Ms) Plant Health and Molecular Biology National Reference Laboratory, Plant protection Soil Conservation and Agri-environment, National Food Chain Safety Office, Budapest (HU)
RAVNIKAR Maja (Ms) National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana (SI)
REISENZEIN Helga (Ms) AGES, Institute for Sustainable Plant Production, Vienna (AT)
SHEROKOLAVA Natalia (Ms) Plant Quarantine Laboratory, Moscow (RU)
TOMANKOVA Katerina (Ms) Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture, Division of Diagnostics, Olomouc (CZ)
TORNOS Teodora (Ms) Generalitat of Catalonia, Plant Health Laboratory, Barcelona (ES)
VAN DE VOSSENBERG Bart (Mr) Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Plant Protection Service, National Reference Laboratory - Molecular Biology, Wageningen (NL)
WEEKES Rebecca (Ms) Food and Environment Research Agency, Sand Hutton, York (GB)


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