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EPPO Council

EPPO Council


50e Council session at OIE


All EPPO member countries are invited to participate at Council meetings. EPPO Council meets once a year in September and decides about the policies and programme of activity of the Organization, and its budget. All EPPO Standards are submitted to the formal approval of Council, before being published. Council is headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, elected for a period of three years.

Ms Sherokolava

Ms Karola SCHORN
Chairman of EPPO

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Plant Health, Phytosanitary affairs in export
Rochusstrasse 1
53123 Bonn
Tel: +49-228995293527 - Fax: +49-228995294262


Vice-Chairman of EPPO

All-Russian Plant Quarantine Centre
Federal State Budget Organization
Pogranichnaya str. 32
140150 Moscow Oblast, Ramensky region, Bykovo-2
Russian Federation
Tel/Fax: +7(499)271-38-24


Council delegates

EPPO Council Session in Riga (2015-09-15/16)


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