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EPPO events

Workshop on Comparative Assessment of Plant Protection Products (Lisbon, 2018-10-24/25)

Workshops on DNA barcoding (2018-10-09/12 in Paris and 2018-12-11/14 in Wageningen)

Contingency Exercise Workshop for a Forestry Pest (Zlatibor, Serbia, 2018-11-27/29)

Communication kits: new templates for pest-specific posters and leaflets

EPPO poster 'Don't Risk It'



EPPO is an intergovernmental organization responsible for European cooperation in plant health. Founded in 1951 by 15 European countries, EPPO now has 51 members, covering almost all countries of the European and Mediterranean region. Its objectives are to protect plants, to develop international strategies against the introduction and spread of dangerous pests and to promote safe and effective control methods. As a Regional Plant Protection Organization, EPPO also participates in global discussions on plant health organized by FAO and the IPPC Secretariat. Finally, EPPO has produced a large number of standards and publications on plant pests, phytosanitary regulations, and plant protection products.
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